Small Group Lesson:
For the next 5 months we will be learning from the life and teaching of Jesus through our study of the Gospel according to John. The theme is: Life in Jesus. 

In addition to learning from John at the worship service and applying what we've learned through small groups, it will be extremely valuable for you to read the Gospel according to John for yourself throughout the week. Look at the words and actions of Jesus everyday so that through believing you may have life in Jesus. 
Have you begun reading John yet? What is your personal reading plan? What do you hope to gain from this series? 
The Identity of Jesus Sunday we studied John 1:1~18 gazing at the vast identity of Jesus. 
What was something you heard about Jesus on Sunday that you didn’t know before? (If you didn't hear the sermon read John 1:1~18.) 
The Opposition of Jesus Read John 1:9~11. 
From birth we do not naturally love or obey God. Darkness is our default. But Jesus came to us and invited us into his light. How has Jesus changed your preferences? How has Jesus changed your priorities? 
The Opportunities of Jesus Read John 1:16~18. 
Everything we have is undeserved grace! What have you received from Jesus?